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Judged by the Cover - Music Discovery - Coming Home by The Dangerous Summer

Updated: Mar 29

Go on a journey with us as we discover an amazingly fun album and band by doing some curiosity buying solely based on the cover art!

(Audio Only)


Coming Home - The Dangerous Summer

cover art for Coming Home by The Dangerous Summer

What happens when you buy and listen to an album based solely on the cover art...? Sometimes you find gold, and thats exactly what we ended up with for this episode of the Judged by the Cover podcast!! Check out the physical packaging for this album below

There won't be a full transcript for this episode, but I would love it if you checked out the full video on Youtube using the player above or by searching for the Judged by the Cover podcast. Also if you wouldn't mind liking and subscribing to help grow the reach of the video and audio podcasts. The audio only version will be wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.

The Dangerous Summer

Daniel Rattner - Cover Art design and Layout


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