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Judged by the Cover - Brent Crowe Interview

Another special interview episode of the Judged by the Cover podcast is coming your way, and this time it is with a great friend of mine Brent Crowe! Brent is an amazing song writer, musician, producer and owner of the studio Backbeat Sound Design here in Chattanooga TN. The conversation ranges from song writing, to production and recording knowledge, and as always we discuss the importance of branding, album covers, and some of Brent's favorite album covers.

I Never Knew - Brent Crowe - Cover Art

Below is the digital content for the Interview with Brent Crowe

It wouldn't be the Judged by the Cover podcast if we didn't talk album covers, and album cover design.

What's your favorite cover art from your personal releases...?

What's an album cover that you love...?

Cover art for The Swift
Cover art for The Swift


Below are some of the places to connect with Brent, and for his song I Never Knew that we discuss during this interview.





I Never Knew

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