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Judged by the Cover - Too Good - The Phil Hyland Interview

Phil Hyland, singer songwriter and a great friend of mine, comes on the Judged by the Cover podcast to talk about his career in the entertainment industry, his band Girlfriend, and his new release Too Good. Hear a snippet of the song, and get some behind the scene info on the song itself.

Too Good by Girlfriend Cover
Too Good - Girlfriend Custom Album Cover

It wouldn't be the Judged by the Cover podcast if we didn't talk album covers, and album cover design. We talk some of Phil's favorite album covers, and he gives us some advice on the importance of hiring the right people, and taking your visual branding elements seriously.

Below will be some of the album covers that we discuss during the interview.

What's your favorite cover from your personal releases...?

Album cover for The New Me - Girlfriend
The New Me - Girlfriend

What's an album cover that you love...?

Runner up favorite album cover

You don't want to miss this one. From behind the scenes of Baha Mens "Who let the dogs out" photo shoot, to stories about playing some of the coolest venues in late 80's-early 90's New York. This is a must listen!!

Connect with Phil at, and you can find the song Too Good on all your favorite music platforms or using the links below.

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