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Judged by the Cover - Brave the Storm - The Abe Montalvo

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Abe discusses his new signal Brave the Storm, an upcoming 2 song EP, tips on song writing, a synthwave side project, and much much more!!! Trust me, don't sleep on this interview!!

Below is the digital content for the Interview with Abe Montalvo of Monoliths - Brave the Storm.

It wouldn't be the Judged by the Cover podcast if we didn't talk album covers, and album cover design. We talk some of Abe's favorite album covers, and he gives us some advice on the importance of hiring the right people, and taking your visual branding elements seriously.

Below will be some of the album covers that we discuss during the interview.

What's your favorite cover from your personal releases...?

(Hover or click on image to see description)

What's an album cover that you love...?


Below are some of the places to connect with Abe and the Monoliths official pages, and you can use the Linktree to explore his music on your favorite music platform.





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