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Judged by the Cover - Pro Panel - Rating album covers with the pros

Welcome back to the Judge by the Cover podcast! In this special episode, host Josh and co-host Phil take us on a fascinating journey through the world of album cover art. Joined by a diverse panel of guests, including music producer Brent, podcaster Iggy, artist Finding Zero, and band members Sydney and Braden from In the Company of Wolves, the episode dives into the visual elements that make album covers memorable and impactful. The panelists are presented with 4 different album covers, each with its unique story and artistic elements. They rate the covers on a scale of one to ten and discuss their thoughts on the design, genre, and potential music style.

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Below are the bios & links to the guests on our pro panel. I would love it if you went and checked out their work, music, videos and links below and please give them all a follow on social media.

Brent Crowe

Brent has spent most of the past decade as a music producer, audio engineer, and owner of BackBeat Sound Design, a recording studio in Chattanooga. In 2023, the studio shifted from being a primary occupation to more of a hobby in order to focus more on family. Brent lives with his wife Liz and daughter Ruby and currently serves as the Operations Director at C4 Church in Hixson. His hobbies include music, disc golf, video games, and spending time with his family.

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Iggy is a local podcaster birthed from hip hop learning to have conversations in Chattanooga to build toward unity.

Finding Zero

Finding Zero is a 21 year artist/musician from Chattanooga Tn, that has been making music since March of 2021. He has a new album that dropped this year called NoMoreSub, and a music video for the single Come Find Me. Links to both will be below. Follow & Support

In The Company of Wolves

This singer/songwriter duo, originally from Portland, Maine, now call Chattanooga, Tennessee home. They intertwine their love for music with a passion for story-telling, as they combine thought provoking lyrics with layered melodies. Inspired by some of their favorite musical influences, including Novo Amor, Bon Iver, and Mumford and Sons, Sydney and Brayden use their unique sound, both vocally and instrumentally (think Glen Hansard meets Phoebe Bridgers), to share their passion for community and their commitment to making sure youth, especially those struggling with their mental health, feel seen, heard, and loved. 

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