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What is Pre-Made Cover Art...?

Are you working on a music project and don't have the time or money for a fully custom cover...? Are you ready to take the graphics for your music to the next level, and are unsure where to start...? A pre-made cover from JW Creates is a great place to start!

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What is Pre-Made Cover Art

In a nut shell these are pre-designed cover options, that are partially customizable with your artist/band name, your album/track name, and some of the options even include using a photo of your choosing. They are fully designed concepts that are ready to plug in your information, and can be delivered in 24-48hrs depending on your selection and needs. These are one off designs, so once an artist claims a style, it is no longer available. You're not going to find any cookie cutter, rehashed templates or ideas here.

I have an ever growing collection of pre-made cover art options, that range in vibe and style, so you are surely going to find something that works with your project. Below are a few of the styles that are currently available, but you can view all the options by clicking here.

pre-made cover art enter info

I like a style, what's next...?

You have scrolled through the available designs and you find something you love, what happens next...? When you click on the cover that you want to claim, you're directed to the customization page that has you enter in your Artist Name, and the Track Name. After clicking Buy Now, you'll enter in your payment and billing info and then once your order is received and confirmed, the timer starts.

The standard turn. around for pre-made cover art is 48hrs, with the option to get 24hr turnaround for an additional $45. We will discuss photos in a little more detail in the next section, but if you do select an option that requires a photo, you will receive an email requesting the image you want to use for the project after purchase.

pre-made cover art photo requirements

With and Without photo options

My options are currently split into two categories- with and without photos. If you select an option that requires a photo, make sure you check the photo requirements before purchase.

I try to give you some specifics about what types of photos work best with each design. This is to ensure that the shown effect is achieved for your cover.

It's very important to make sure that your image is cropped to a 1x1 ratio square prior to sending to make sure that there is no weird cropping that happens. If you do not crop your own image, the designer will crop it at their own discretion. Lastly, make sure that you are sending a high quality image to ensure you are getting the best cover back. Although my photoshop and image editing skills are pretty good, there's not many options to fix low quality, and poorly taken images.

$35/$50 Sale!

If you are an artist or band that is looking for cover art options that can be turned around quickly, or on a budget, then you need to check out my $35/$50 sale! All my pre-made covers are either $35 or $50 currently, so make sure you snag your favorite before it's gone. These are first come, first served so there is only one chance to get a specific style.

See the current options at, and let's upgrade your music graphics today!! If you are a podcaster, be on the lookout for some podcast specific pre-made cover art options to drop in the near future.

Let me know using the form below what your favorite pre-made cover is, and if you have any ideas for future pre-made options.

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