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New Year, New.....Website!

Forget new year, new you....let's get your brand or business looking fresh and professional with a new website!

A website should be more than just text and photos on a page. It must have a great user experience, strong call to actions, have great content and visuals, and needs to be updated frequently.

Does your website have those things…? Do you even have a website for your brand or business…?

Now I know you might be thinking, a website isn’t that important is it…? Let me share a few reason why I think a website is vital to your brands success in 2023.


As a business owner myself, I know that it can be a challenge to find customers. Without a website, in todays digital world, people are not going to find you, your products, or your services. Most consumers want to be able to research a brand online before they ever do business with you. Even if your website is simply a place where people get your contact info, and find your social media channels, it will make a huge difference for your brand and business!


Research says that 75% of people judge a companies credibility by its website design. What is your website saying...? Is it outdated? Is it hard to tell what you do...? If your website is hard to use and navigate, people are going to feel like it will be hard to work with your business. Establishing credibility is even more important for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. We tend to spend money on, or with, people and companies that we trust, or are familiar with. If you don't have that name recognition that people know, or are new enough that people haven't had a chance to encounter you yet, you need to put your best foot forward to win over these potential clients. A professional looking, easy to navigate website that shows off and establishes your brand, products, and services will draw in more clients, and help you command a higher $ amount for your services.

EVERYONE has a website

This isn't the old peer pressure tactic, it's just the cold hard truth. Almost all your local and national competition has a website that displays their products and serivces. You might have a great business, but if no one knows you exists, they won't buy from you. To reach today's technologically skilled consumer, you have to make sure that they can find you! Linking this back to the credibility point, if your online presence is better than your competition, the more likely that potential customers are going to inquire about your services.

Obtaining a very well thought out, and beautifully designed website is also a lot easier than it used to be. I make the process easy, and quicker than you might think, by turning it around in a matter of weeks, not months. Also the amazing tools that Wix provides on their platform, will make this a tool that benefits you and your business, and not an annoying hassle. This platform is easy enough that you will be able to run and manage your own site, or I can always stay on board to help with updates and changes in the future. To learn more about my process, and to see some examples of my work click here.

Let's work together to make 2023 the year that you focus on your business goals, get your branding and messaging saying the right things, and let's create that professional, easy to use website your brand deserves!

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