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Logo Throwback

You already know that I love designing album covers. That was one of the main reasons I started JW Creates, but you may not know (yet) how much I love creating logo's and branding. Logos are one of my most common project requests, so I thought it may be fun to take you back to some of the logo designs that helped start my business, and share how they helped shape my branding process.

Hat Creek Art Co.

This is the first logo I made for someone other than myself. I don't even remember how I got the job, but I can tell you I was definitely excited and scared at the same time. It's funny to think back on this now, because I didn't have any "pro" applications like Photoshop or Illustrator, I'm pretty sure I just used an app on my iPhone to create this. Though it's just a simple logo, it was a HUGE step for me!! I finally made something for someone else, and they loved it. This one opportunity, made the biggest impact on me and my decision to start JW Creates, because it showed me I could do it. As for how this shaped my business, let's just say there was no business or process, so this was one of the sparks that started it all.

T.E.C.H. Help

At this point it almost feels like I'm lying to people when I tell them I'm not the entrepreneur type. I'm really not, but I have started more then one business in the last 7 years. The first business I launched was to help teach people how to use their tech products (smartphones, tablets, etc...). Though this was a fantastic idea, and I actually did help a lot of people, I discovered that I loved developing the branding, more than teaching people how to use their devices.

Now I get to focus on the part I love! I get to partner with other individuals and businesses, and I get to help them create their visual identity. T.E.C.H HELP ended up being more than just a logo, it helped give me the frame work of what designing an entire brand looked like. It helped me to focus on the colors, fonts, messaging, and creating a cohesive package and experience that I can now help my customers create.

Average Jo Guitars

You may already know that I'm a musician, and guitar is my main instrument. I wanted to start creating content around guitar gear, and fixing up a project guitar I bought. So naturally I jumped right in to choosing the name, making a logo, and establishing the branding. (This project was also my first attempt at blogging now that I'm thinking about it). This project definitely takes a back seat to my creative business these days, but I definitely still have plans for this in the future.

In the process of creating this logo, I learned that I loved the little details. I was very intentional with the shape of the guitar I used, font choice, and the name for the brand itself. When it comes to branding, and creating your visual identity pieces, all the things that seem little and insignificant now are actually important. It all shapes how your business is perceived by the client or customer that you are reaching.

To this day this is still one of my favorite personal logos!

Logo Design Process

This is just a small sample of the very first logos that helped shape me as a designer, and establish a process of creating visual identity pieces for other brands and individuals. My process is very personalized, because my goal is to get to know you, and your identity to translate that into a brand. There's no cookie cutter templates, or rehashed ideas here, just a process that makes it fun and easy. To see more of my current work, and see the detailed process of how I will take you from start to finish, follow this link here.

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