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Looking for high-quality, custom-looking cover art without breaking the bank? Our Pre-made cover art has you covered. Choose from our wide selection of designs and enjoy a quick turnaround time for those last minute projects. You'll love the unique and professional look of our pre-made options, and these designs will help your music project stand out from the crowd.


  1. Browse the exclusive selection of pre-made covers below. You can filter by photo requirement or price.

  2. Select delivery time frame.

  3. Enter your artist and track name.
    (Note that some designs have one line so you have to chose to enter either
     your artist name OR track name)

  4. Enter payment information.

  5. If you have selected a cover that requires a photo, email a 1x1 Cropped version to

  6. Your cover will be customized and emailed directly to you.


  • Refund/Return Policy
    All sales are final on pre-made cover art.
  • Can I request other changes to the cover before final delivery...?
    Things like color, text placement, and slight changes to font can sometimes be made. You can request detail changes by emailing the designer at, but we can't always honor all change requests. These are preset templates, and the ability to prepare them quickly is how I keep the cost down.
  • Can someone else buy the same cover template...?
    No, every premade cover is exclusive to the artist that buys it first.
  • Do you edit photos...?
    The only photo editing included in these pre-made cover designs, is to crop the photo to a 1x1 ratio if needed. If you are needing photo editing, we can discuss photo edits at a separate hourly rate.
  • What gets emailed to me?
    Your completed cover art with your Artist and Track name will be emailed to you in both PNG and JPEG file in 3000 x 3000 pixels at 300 dpi. You can request the cover in other formats by emailing the designer at


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