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Judged by the Cover - Look at this photograph...

Unfortunately this is not an episode on your favorite Nickelback album, but we are looking at photographs on album covers. Join Josh & Phil as we talk about some of the best practices, and things to think about when using a photo on your album cover. Audio Only


For Those That Wish To Exist - The Architects

This album cover for Those That Wish To Exist, was on of those that stopped me in my tracks and made me ask what is this!?!?!? I (Josh) was drawn in by the dark moody textures of this image, and had to know - What is this astronaut doing in this old church....? To me this is what a creative use of a photo for an album cover should do...Make me ask why, make me go and download the album, and dive into the music.

album cover - for those that wish to exist

Near Miss

Sorry country music, but you are a repeat offender for album covers that have photos that look like bad high school senior photos. Below will be four album covers that we discuss during Josh's rant.

Larry Fleet - Stack of Records

The album cover for Stack of Records is a great use of a photo as an album cover. We still have the artist (Larry Fleet) as the main focal point, playing his guitar but then we get to see this amazing room full of vinyl records.

album cover Larry fleet stack of records

There are more albums that make appearances in this episode, but you will have to check out the video version to catch them all!!

There won't be a full transcript for this episode, but I would love it if you checked out the full video on Youtube using the player above or by searching for the Judged by the Cover podcast. Also if you wouldn't mind liking and subscribing to help grow the reach of the video and audio podcasts. The audio only version will be wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.


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